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Fishing Charters

There are many fish that can be caught during your trip with us including:

TROUT – Trout can be caught all year round using live, artificial bait or fly. The best time for gator trout is March through August. Fishing dock lights at night can also be very effective during the warmer months

REDFISH – Reds are also caught all year round using live, dead baits, artificial baits and fly. The best time for reds is November through February. This is when you’ll find them cruising the flats in large schools.

SNOOK – Snook can be caught from March to November on live, artificial baits, or fly. Day fishing is good but night fishing the bridge fenders can be very productive this time of year.

FLOUNDER – Flounder can also be caught from March through November with November being the best month. This is when they move out of the backwaters and head out into the ocean.

TARPON – The best time for tarpon is May through November. Artificial baits, live bait, or fly.

Other fish that can be caught are jack cravelle, mangrove snapper and ladyfish or whatever else might be swimming out there.